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We're so excited to welcome the multi-talented, Reykjavik, Iceland-based production and songwriting team High Hat (Janus Rasmussen, of Kiasmos and Bloodgroup, and Sakaris Emil Joensen), including electro pop artist SAKARIS, to the Maximal Music Sync family! Read on to learn more about both projects. 


High Hat is a production/songwriting duo based in Reykjavik, consisting of long-time friends and collaborators Janus Rasmussen and Sakaris Emil Joensen. Originally from Iceland’s sister country Faroe Islands, the two musicians relocated to Reykjavik to expand their ventures. Janus is best known for being one half of acclaimed electronic duo Kiasmos and electro pop band Bloodgroup. In addition to his own solo project, Sakaris has been active as a producer and songwriter for more than 10 years. Since forming the High Hat collaboration, the pair has settled down in a fully equipped and treated studio by the Reykjavik harbor, working daily on writing, producing and mixing for a variety of Icelandic and international clients. The duo’s focus is mainly on electronically produced music, working on everything from fully featured vocal pop to beat-driven hip hop to ambient dance to advertisement music. The duo has worked with a range of popular artists, including Arnor Dan (from Agent Fresco), Hildur, Árstiðir, GDRN and Heidrik. In addition to this, they have also provided music for TV shows, commercials, and radio programs. The combined expertise of the two producers provides an effective and inspired workflow, delivering world class productions and mixes.


SAKARIS is the main project of Faroese electro producer Sakaris Emil Joensen. Starting out in 2010 with his quirky 8-bit electro funk debut "Darling EP" and further establishing himself with the full-length 2012 album "I Have Beautiful Eyes", SAKARIS has become one of the most prominent electro artists from the remote and tiny Faroe Islands. The music ranges from tight, bright and optimistic dance music, to soaring 80s nostalgic soundscapes. The latter years have been littered with performances on various prominent festivals, such as Spot Festival, JaJaJa Festival, G! Festival, Dias Nordicos and Waves Vienna, along with press hype from Clash Music, Wired UK and The Line of Best Fit.