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Maximal Music Sync is delighted to announce the addition of multitalented composer and producer AO Tøndra to our artist roster! 

The 2018 EP Quintet is the first artist release from AO Tøndra, a.k.a. London producer Aidan O'Brie, best known (until now...) for his collaborative work with London duo IDE, as well as stunning productions for artists including FOUR ("Tell Me in the Morning"), Richard Walter ("July Bones", "Awards Night") and Tesserac (various tracks on new album Sonder).

Quintet is a collection of five perfectly crafted, cinematically pitched ambient pieces, calling to mind Jon Hopkin and Helio, at their most horizontal. Each track, wonderfully slow moving and long form, is rich with emotion and sonic brilliance, offering the listener the chance to drift to other parts of their own world.

AO Tøndra: "I’ve always enjoyed music which includes or experiments with ambient elements for a long time - Oceansiz, Trentemolle, etc. - but discovering Brian En got me interested in ‘purely’ ambient music, music which could have the same emotional impact as more traditional songs or compositions, while not necessarily following the same melodic or rhythmic rules. I originally wrote these five pieces as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend - it was never intended to be heard by a wider audience, but she suggested I release it."