North Star Media

North Star Media is a music licensing and publishing company established in 2001. Since their launch, they have secured thousands of music placements in film, television, advertising, and video games. The NSM catalog is home to platinum-selling hits, the hottest new indie offerings, and everything in-between, including San Holo, Flora Cash, Tommee Profitt, Crocodiles, SEAWAVES, The Blind Shake, Citizen Kay, Party Nails, Aceyalone, Sponge, The Virgins, Bruce Hornsby, and many, many more. North Star Media has boots on the ground in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, and abroad (via a network of eight international sub-publishers).


Alternative R&B songstress Hannah Taxman, best known by her stage moniker, Iyves, is a Colorado native, now based in New York. While undergoing a period of major life transitions— endings and new beginnings in relationships and with collaborators, changes in scenery— Iyves has been relentlessly pursuing and creating new music. This combination has resulted in the creation of her unique personal sound, as evidenced on her stunning debut EP, Chromatic.

Swimming With Bears

Austin-based four piece Swimming With Bears, consisting of Joe Perry (vocals/bass), Alec Conte (guitar), Jon Kerr (guitar), and Ryan Hannasch (drums), have created their own unique alternative sound, fusing elements of soul and indie rock with memorable melodies and a danceable energy that is undeniable.

The Gods Themselves

This disco punk band from Seattle, WA, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Astra Elane, vocalist/guitarist Dustin Patterson, bassist Cory Foster, and drummer Larry Joireman, craft modern dance rock songs evocative of the no-wave and new romantic movements of the early '80s.

Post Precious

L.A.-based electro-pop duo Post Precious, the new side project from Alex Winston and Max Hershenow (of MS MR), layers pulsing, upbeat synths beneath Winston's soaring, sweet vocals, creating endlessly listenable (and danceable!) songs - it's pop music at its finest.

Mikey Wax

NY-raised, L.A.-based pop singer-songwriter Mikey Wax crafts uplifting, anthemic earworms that are at home on both the charts and in the sync world. Whether he's writing an electro-pop jam or a warm, acoustic tune like his newest single, "Big Little Life", Mikey's songs stick with listeners.

Ceiling Spirits

Created by Milwaukee-based composer and guitarist Mario Quadracci using just guitar, effects, and unconventional playing techniques, the music of Ceiling Spirits does not fit neatly into the traditional categories of genre, but has hints of classical minimalism, post rock, electronic and ambient music sprinkled throughout.

Hayley Coupon

NYC-based singer-songwriter Hayley Coupon entrances listeners with her powerful, soaring vocals and introspective songcraft.

Baby Baby

Atlanta-based rockers Baby Baby draw from a variety of genres to create their own uniquely irresistible brand of fun-rock.

Kyle James Hauser

Singer-songwriter Kyle James Hauser, of Ft. Collins, CO, melds folk, bluegrass, and indie influences to create warm, emotive songs centered around memorable melodies.

Bosshouse Music

Based in L.A. and founded in 2002 by composer/songwriter and CEO Stephen Phillips, later joined by Amy Roberts as Senior Director/Creative Marketing, the eclectic and impressive Bosshouse and Transphonic Records catalogs have secured thousands of placements in episodic TV, film, ads, and trailers. 2018 brings the addition of SottoPhonic Productions, specially geared toward trailer music production, master reimagining, and underscore composing.

Colin MacIntyre

Award-winning UK-based musician, producer, and author Colin MacIntyre (Mull Historical Society, Field Stars) brings lyrical wit and a strong melodic sensibility to the pop music he creates under a variety of different monikers.

Candi Staton

four-time Grammy® Award-nominated singer and R&B legend Candi Staton has sweetly strutted between several musical genres over the course of her celebrated career. However, danceable music has always been her main groove, as her iconic tracks “Young Hearts Run Free” and the multi-platinum “You Got the Love” attest. The former is a liberating self-preservation anthem that peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard R&B Singles chart in 1976 (No. 2 on the UK Pop chart). The latter is an inspiring chant that has, through various remixes, hit the British Top 10 Pop Singles chart in 1991, 1997 and again in 2006 – an amazing feat. Staton has just released her 30th album, Unstoppable, a new retro R&B album out via Nashville’s Thirty Tigers label.


Singer-songwriters Rebecca Marie Miller and Joy Pearson form the core of the Portland, Oregon-based folk group LENORE. Along with Edward Cameron (classical guitar), Jessie Dettwiler (cello), and Austin Christ (bass), with Daniel Hunt (drums) often joining in, Miller and Pearson create a dreamy, melancholic blend of harmony-driven folk that's at once haunting and hopeful.

Ralegh Long

English singer-songwriter Ralegh Long, who has drawn comparisons to R.E.M. and Sea Change-era Beck, crafts beautiful, reflective songs steeped in natural imagery and, as MOJO put it, "spooky pastoralism". His intimate and minimalist tunes have a way of sticking with you long after your initial encounter with them.

Living Phantoms

Connecticut-based electronic/synth-pop project Living Phantoms, the solo project of multi-faceted composer, producer, and audio engineer Will Benoit, creates shoegaze and '80s lo-fi-inspired musical dreamscapes that embrace a dark-yet-uplifting vibe. Benoit's other projects, including his original score music and a variety of rock, pop, electronic, and hip hop collaborations, round out his impressive and ever-expanding catalog of music.


London-based singer-songwriter Fairhazel's dark, rich folk music draws lyrical and melodic influence from roots music, jazz, and psychedelia, creating something raw and pure, a sound entirely his own.

Music Asset Management

Music Asset Management, Inc. (MAM) is a full service independent music publishing company founded in 2006 by owner and CEO Mary Jo Mennella, one of the most well-known and respected rights administration and licensing experts in the industry. MAM’s catalog includes classic songs like The Centurions’ “Bullwinkle, Pt. II” (as heard in Pulp Fiction and How I Met Your Mother) and the hit “Hey Little Cobra” by The Rip Chords, as well as music from singer-songwriter Judith Owen, guitarist and composer Alex Sill, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Tena Clark, and current hip-hop/R&B publisher Arketek (home to Desmond South and Stan Greene).

Jesus On The Mainline

The New York-based founders and main songwriters of Jesus On The Mainline, Andrew Neesley and Tim Emmerick, have gathered together a group of fifteen musicians to bring their songs to life, while drawing from influences that include everything from gospel traditionals to John Coltrane to Alabama Shakes to Abbey Road.


Seattle's Pickwick make mesmerizing indie rock that draws from a variety of different sonic influences, including rock, funk, and soul, to create a slinky, shimmering sound all their own.

Field Stars

Field Stars is the newest collaborative project from UK-based songwriter Colin MacIntyre. The group's glittering electro art pop production and warm blend of female and male vocals make for anthemic and uplifting songs that demand repeat listening.

Rue Snider

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Rue Snider combines '80s alt sonics with a lyrical style reminiscent of '60s rock revolutionaries.

Brick Fields

Led by married couple Rachel Fields and Larry Brick, Arkansas-based roots music group Brick Fields showcases Rachel's ambrosial voice over a combination of blues, folk, and gospel instrumentation that includes Larry's inspired guitar work. Their timeless and moving Americana soul sound will bring any crowd to their feet.

Sleepy Kitty

St. Louis-based indie rockers Sleepy Kitty, featuring Paige Brubeck on vocals/guitar and Evan Sult (former Bound Stems and Harvey Danger) on drums/tapes, makes what NYLON magazine describes as “rainbow-tinged indie pop" filled with distorted guitar layers, hooky vocals, garagey drums, engrossing melodies and layered harmonies. Both musicians are also designers and screenprinters, and the influence of Warhol and Rauschenberg doesn’t stop in their visual art – Sleepy Kitty's songs are often spiked with shards of French 60s yé-yé, jazz standards, and even deconstructed Beatles songs, making both their live sets and recordings a surprising audio pop-art collage.

Merci Raines

With a mood that mirrors her home state of Louisiana, Merci Raines writes pop songs with an undeniable dark side. She claims inspiration from all art forms, from Cabaret shows to Shel Silverstein. Her songs range from ghostly and enigmatic to danceable exclamations of perseverance.


Nashville-based duo Towne, consisting of Steevie Steeves and Jon Decious, meld their varied musical backgrounds-- she grew up on pop, soul, and Broadway; he came up in punk rock and Americana country bands-- to build a wonderfully unconventional indie pop sound rooted in strong songwriting and powerful vocals.

Mull Historical Society

Mull Historical Society, the beloved indie-pop project from UK-based songwriter Colin MacIntyre, is back with a new album, Wakelines, out September 21st, 2018 on Xtra Mile Recordings. The album, produced by Bernard Butler (Suede, McAlmont & Butler, and more), is the band's eighth album, and it seamlessly blends autobiographical themes from MacIntyre's time growing up in Scotland with larger topics like immigration and global conflict, all beautifully captured with gorgeous melodies and surrounded by sparkling instrumentation.


Seattle-based hip-hop musician and rapper Benjamin Laub, better known as Grieves, balances his dueling impulses through his music: the need to cut loose and the need to vent. Grieves wants to have a good time while also keeping it real and honest. Sonically, listeners will find him experimenting with fluttering trap beats one moment and hallmarks of classic soul, like rich guitar and humming organs, the next.

Sera Cahoone

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Sera Cahoone (formerly of Carissa's Weird and Band of Horses) creates stirring, hushed Americana music with masterfully intimate lyrics and stunning vocals.

Black Mountain Whiskey Rebellion

Founded by multi-award-winning producer/guitarist and primary songwriter Mitch Merrett, who has gathered his long time musical friends and peers in Mike Little, Erik Dylan, Corbett Frasz, and Greg Carroll, BMWR creates a musical awakening that walks the line of boundless melodic prowess and raw unapologetic grass roots truth, with a gritty sound combining the best elements of outlaw country and Americana rock.

AO Tøndra

London producer and composer Aidan O'Brien, best known (until now!) for his collaborative work with London duo IDER, as well as stunning productions for artists including FOURS, Richard Walters, and TesseracT, creates gorgeous, spare instrumental compositions as AO Tøndra. His ambient musical creations are by turns uplifting and warm, mysterious and entrancing.


High Hat

Comprised of longtime friends and collaborators Janus Rasmussen (of Kiasmos and Bloodgroup) and Sakaris Emil Joensen, the Faroe Islands-born duo writes, produces, and records an exciting array of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music in their Reykjavik-based studio. They've worked with a who's who of Icelandic and international artists, including Arnor Dan (from Agent Fresco), Hildur, Árstiðir, GDRN, and Heidrik, in addition to creating SAKARIS's unique solo artist sound.


SAKARIS is the main project of Faroese electro producer (and High Hat member) Sakaris Emil Joensen. The music ranges from tight, bright, and optimistic dance songs, to soaring, '80s nostalgic soundscapes.