We're psyched about our newest Maximal signing, Atlanta-based rockers Baby Baby! These guys are too awesome for words, so we're going to let them introduce themselves: 

We are Baby Baby from Atlanta. I am Fontez Brooks. I sing songs and play the guitar. I am Colin Boddy. I like a good cocktail kit and yelling is fun. I am Grant Wallace. I hit drums and have a thriving lawn care business. I am Hsiang-Ming Wen. I slappa da bass and haven’t had a hair cut in years.

We play fun-rock. We’ve played it at Riotfest, Made In America, Afropunk Fest(s), Warped Tour and for Red Bull’s 30 Days In L.A. We’ve toured with Fishbone, Black Lips, and some other bands worth mentioning, but we won’t.

We just released 2 songs called “Here” (which is an ode to old Atlanta) and “Boys Poop Too” (which is about male sensitivity).

Our managers say we are “a mélange of Indie, English and Swedish Punk, Bayou Rock, Vaudeville and Carnival”.  But what do they know. They use big words which we don’t understand.